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Spirit of the Sky Walkers

Philip I. Moynihan

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Almost every young lad, lying in the clover, daydreaming beneath the sky, at some point thinks, If only I could fly! The author was no exception.

The mysteries of flight have intrigued mankind since the earliest cave dweller first noticed birds. The desire to fly - to join the birds - has enrichened our mythologies with mystical winged beings that until modern times existed only in fantasy.

Philip Moynihan's brief overview of the early evolution of flight sets the stage for accounts of his greater than three decades of flying adventures that have taken him and his wife all over North America.

By opening each chapter with a poem, the author helps nonflying readers acquire a visceral sense of what it feels like to soar among the clouds, suspended in space. His illuminating anecdotes will help you feel as though you are sitting alongside him as a co-pilot and fellow Sky Walker.

From that young lad lying in the clover on a balmy afternoon, immersed in thoughts of flying, the author has come to realize those fantasies, as he and his wife have piloted their Mooney on incredible journeys to spectacular places throughout North America. You'll enjoy their adventures in Spirit of the Sky Walkers.

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