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Beneath the Rainbow Sky

Robert Becht

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Step into a fantasy world where only birds, reptiles, and insects live, and travel with a gecko named Jonny, who is more than a little determined to find out what life is about. This remarkable gecko embarks on a journey to discover why he's here, what his purpose is, and what is the true meaning of existence.

Come along with Jonny, share in his adventures with other creatures and communities, and explore nature as God in his infinite wisdom created it. Along with Jonny, you'll learn new perceptions and insights about the true meaning of life and what it really means to love.

Each chapter includes Jonny's conclusions, realizations about his world, and noteworthy quotes. Beneath the Rainbow Sky is a fun and enjoyable read that contrasts a gecko's thoughts and revelations with those of human beings as they travel through life.



FICTION / Animals, FICTION / Fantasy / Action &amp, Adventure, Beneath the Rainbow Sky, Robert Becht