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Reflections of Doubt

Chronicles of the Chosen, book 3

Shanon L. Mayer

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Jugendbücher ab 12 Jahre


The human world is under attack by nefarious fey, intent on causing as much havoc as possible. Morgan Lafayette has plenty of reasons to believe that they are under the control of Ameil Bas-Grann, a powerful magus who has his sights set on destroying the veil. An Ancient, unkillable creature has been sent to kill Morgan and her entire family. She must find a way to defeat the undefeatable if she wants to live.

Three seals lock away the means of destroying the Djieien, the enormous spider seeking to end Morgan's life. Guarding the seals are three of the most dangerous fey she has ever encountered, fey who do not trust the humans and the Chosen in particular. She must find a way to gather all three seals, regardless of permission. Not only her family but also the future of her entire world is at stake.

Even worse, she uncovers information that leads her to believe that not all of the fey she considers friends can be trusted. There is a traitor among the Council of Fey, one who has sworn allegiance to with their most dangerous enemy. 

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dragon, female protagonist