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Carla Vicentini

Repentance - A Case Study

Amelia Hathow

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


"Sin" is not a recurrent theme that anyone has to live with, it is an analogy for simply making a mistake. No one is ever bound by "original sin," the "original sins." The fact still remains... we are our own savior. You and we together create a kind of life for each other. We, as a collective, guide each other to redemption, not to keep making the same mistakes, over and over again, which has been happening for far too long now. It's unfortunate that "sins" have become a perfunctuous, demeaning way of controlling how people can absolve themselves from creating a life that is filled with the absolute truth, of THE true reality we all are living in.

Self-absorption has become a plague all on its own. It consumes one's ability to see beyond all the metaphors riddled in wonderful books, such as the HOLY Bible, the HOLY Quran, along with the Menagerous Mahabharata. Sin is your friend, so to speak, because at least it tells you what you shouldn't be doing. Eventually, you won't have ANY friends who can relate to you as long as you get rid of sinning all together, because the majority of people are still making the same mistakes over and over again. That is one price you pay when you stop sinning. You lose the same friends and family who have stopped listening to their true self, their pure self which sits inside of their mind, inside their own head. A tiny star, unproportionately shining so bright it can blind some of those looking too closely at that person's soul and spirit.

Therefore, be sinfully mindful of sin itself for that is the only way that guidance is received, sinning. And once you become aware of the ill feelings sin creates within you, then you can truly begin to change each of those ill feelings into more of a neutral feeling then positive. It (sins) all is on the same spectrum of love and fear. All of it. It's all the same thing. On the spectrum of your reality. An emotional, often traumatic array of colorful experiences ready to be changed into another color. You just can't avoid it. So, head towards the colors. That is the only way to get past the emotional feelings and traumatic experiences. Trust in this design. The colors of it all, the feeling of it all, colors or not. TRUST.

-- Older Siblings

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