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The Lad Called Rate

Donna Gene Stankey

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As a young lad, Rate realized how content he was living on a farm. Why there were intriguing places to explore, several animals to tend to and chores to be done. His favorite animals were: Mikey, the driving horse and Grip, the family dog. His chores consisted of: churning butter, hauling kindling for the woodstove, turning the crank on the wringer washer and going to the corner, to fetch the mail. He knew it was only a matter of time till his pa would let him drive the buggy or a team of horses for field work by himself. This was much more appealing to him than all

those "wimmen chores" as he called them. However, one thing Rate never understood, was the reason why his folks and grandparents favored his sister, Blanche, over him. Guessed they mostly didn't care for boys. 'Peared to him to be the "Setterington way", whether he liked it or not.


The characters' origins are constituted well in conversation, wherein inflections are present and included authentically. With candor and

firm precision, the Southern turns of phrases and slang result in additional background. Occasions of dithering and heavy pauses further enhance the dialogue, as when Milly constantly pauses as his wife shares her fazed view of their son's antics.

Indeed, Rate by Donna Gene Stankey is a heartfelt read that throws to the beat of the turn of a century. It is certainly a welcome addition to its genre and a great start to a series.

-- Hollywood Book Review

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