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You are the One

Norma Iris Pagan Morales

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Ratgeber / Familie


Louis Miranda is the boy next door. An average and caring guy. He is also my

brother's best friend. Every night I see a side of him that no one else sees. Every

single night Louis becomes my sanctuary, and my protector. He is the one who

chases the demons of my abusive childhood away. Louis holds all the broken

pieces of my life together. Sometimes he is cocky, and others, he's arrogant. He's

also some sort of playboy in progress. He's the last person you'd want to fall in

love. I only wish someone had told my heart that. You will get to know Louis and

how he gets Anita to fall for him.

Norma Iris Pagan Morales was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She

comes from a very lovable family. Her parents, Juan Jose Pagan

Rodriguez, and Digna Morales Figueroa, now deceased, always

helped her with her projects as a writer and teaching career. Norma

had three siblings, Adelin Milagros Pagan Morales, Juan Jose

Pagan Morales, and Julio Manuel Pagan Morales. Julio Manuel

Pagan Morales died on September 19, 1998, and Adelin Milagros

Pagan Morales died on February 17, 2023.

Norma did all her academic studies in New York City, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

She worked in the City of New York Police Department. As an Educator, she

worked in New York City Bd. of Education as an English Teacher, in Puerto Rico

Bd. of Education as an English teacher and in the Puerto Rico Army National.

Norma has published books nine books: Proud of My Puerto Rican Bequest,

¿Porque Soy Boricua? Poemas del Alma, Art in Written Form, A Baffl ing Short

Stories Collection, On Job in the Big Apple, Puerto Rican Soldiers Serving with Pride,

Nature's Rage in the Caribbean, and Boricua de Pura Cepa.

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Norma Iris Pagan Morales, You are the One