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Anonna Reign

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


A love triangle that turns deadly. Ava is a woman trapped between two men. Julius is a rich and powerful man, with the world at his feet. While Lazarus is simply a hard-working man who comes into town and steals Ava's heart.

ANONNA REIGN is a gifted fiction author who is known for writing romance novels with a spiritual message. She lives in a small town in Illinois with her family. 

Anonna's Journey started at a young age. She was inspired when she entered a school play and was selected as the narrator for the story in the play. She went on to write short stories that family and friends later encouraged her to pursue as a professional career.


Her debut novel, "Lazarus" received a five-star welcome and touching personal stories of faith and encouragement from her readers. 

Anonna's writing style encourages her readers to explore a deeper walk with God. Her desire in writing is to spread faith, love, laughter, and awareness to her readers. 

In addition to her novel, Anonna has a bachelor's degree in psychology. She's an advocate for autism and works with her elders as a caregiver. 

When she's not writing Anonna enjoys spending time with family, gardening, watching movies, caring for her pets, attending her local church, and spending time outdoors. 

Other books by Anonna Reign: The Therapist, My Sisters, and My Brother's Keeper. 



Love triangle, Lazarus