Of Stars and Lightning

Melanie Mar

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"e;Destiny wasn't meant to be tested. Then again, neither was she."e;Sol Yarrow didn't ask for much. A nice day for hunting. A peaceful shift at her gods-awful job. A steaming bowl of her Aunt's famous stew.Easy.Simple.But after twenty-five years of simplicity, everything she thought to be true was rewritten when four strangers came to her town of Yavenharrow to take her back to a shielded land known to be inhabited by ruthless Elemental Magic Wielders, a land only known by rumors and bedtime stories. A kingdom where her Mother had been the Queen. A kingdom that, by order of succession, now belonged to her.But what would a human with no magic and a short temper have to offer the Wielders?Sol didn't think much.Her Court thought otherwise.

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