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The Light in the Ruins

Michael G. Tavella

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


At the beginning of the Twenty-second Century, the world has entered a Dark Age. A Lutheran pastor, Jonathan Klug, serves a congregation in Felderheim, a town in central Pennsylvania. While struggling with doubt about himself and his ministry, he receives a call from God to build a new community, Sublacum, near the ruins of a church where certain people have claimed to have seen a pillar of light on Saint John’s night, December 27. Pastor Jonathan finds a document that confirms his call. He comes to acknowledge that God has enlisted him for this mission. Through the crisis, Jonathan’s friend, Anthony Cacciaguida, a priest at Saint Benedict Roman Catholic Church, serves as Jonathan’s advisor. Both men look to the Word of God for their help.

As the state and federal governments weaken, Frank Sulla, a successful business man, sees his opportunity to gain power and dominate the region around Felderheim. He too has an advisor and guide, Nikolaos Kakos, who is an emissary of the devil. Sulla has signed his name in blood.

The battle lines are formed. Good and evil once again face one another in an epic battle. The conflict will require sacrifice and loss of life. The history of the next few centuries will depend on the outcome.



Goths, Church, Faith, Sublacum, Catholic, Pennsylvania, Light, Lutheran, Education, Christian, Caverns, Cistercian