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Here, Jesus … Catch!

Jean Smith

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Where do we turn when we are confronted with adversity and pain? Who can help us when life is overwhelming and we find ourselves alone? Many of us know that in these darkest moments, God is always there for us. But when you are not exposed to faith or Christianity, it can be hard to trust someone with whom you are unfamiliar.In Here, Jesus … Catch!, author Jean Smith shares her heartfelt personal journey to find her faith and God’s way amid both a childhood and an adult life of alcoholism, abuse, tragedy, and loss. Jean grew up in a dysfunctional home, and yet even as she left one life of adversity, she faced it again as her high school sweetheart and husband suddenly died, leaving her with a two-month-old baby. Running to fight the pain, enduring one hardship after another, and managing a new marriage with a blended family afflicted by drugs, alcohol, and so much more, she learned how there was no way possible that she could do it on her own.Only through Christ has Jean been able to overcome the adversity, the pain, and the trauma of life, and she continues this fight to this very day. While Jean found the love of Jesus at a very young age, she hopes that anyone experiencing similar circumstances will have hope in Jesus Christ. He will not give up on you—and he sure didn’t give up on her.



spousal abuse, death, molestation, Alcoholism, near death