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Real Faith Is Hard Work

Meandering Thoughts Along the Way

Michelle Merrin

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Salvation is the finished work of God through Christ’s death and resurrection, given freely along with the faith to receive it. But the daily working-out of faith in the trenches and choices of life can be hard work. Suitable for devotional use, the short readings in Real Faith is Hard Work are a collection of the author’s thought-provoking blogposts, combining truth from God’s Word with stories and practical examples to encourage you in various aspects of your walk of faith. “Michelle’s succinct and articulate reflections share truth with clarity, making me want to read, reflect, reread, and keep applying what she writes. She has gained a heart of wisdom by journeying with the Lord throughout her life, shining a bright light for us all and providing the shovel so I can dig deeper into my heart.” —Karen Farris, Blogger at Friday Tidings “Michelle has an honest and real approach, and she clings to the Word of God as her anchor. Her maturity in Christ and love for his Word are contagious.” —Lydia Sanders, Pastor’s wife / Women’s Ministry leader

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