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The Hardest Part About

A Ten-Year Journey Through Grief

Sawyer Small

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Grief may be a natural experience that affects us all, but the process of grieving is different for everyone. Guided by the journal entries of a beloved mother who died from cancer, The Hardest Part About guides readers on a search for meaning, comfort, and support after the loss of a loved one. The author, who lost his mom at age fourteen, recalls how family members coped after her death from cancer. He also shares how she’s still making an impact on his life ten years after she died. More than 1.9 million children in America have to accept the death of a parent, and in writing this book, the author—a music therapist who has helped others cope with grief—seeks to resolve facets of his own grief. Each chapter follows the author’s journey of learning, starting with a different “hardest-part-about” aspect of grief—from the shock of his mother’s diagnosis, to the anticipation of her death, the immediate aftermath of her death, and beyond. Whether you’re struggling with losing a loved one or helping someone navigate a journey of their own, you’ll find meaningful insights to help you through the hardest parts of grief with this book.

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Christian, Memoir, Grief & Loss, Music, Bereavement, Inspirational