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Jesus Christ: the Trinitarian God

The Only Self-Made Man

Nannette R. Heath

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In Jesus Christ: The Trinitarian, author Nannette R. Heath offers a deeply spiritual, reverential book that celebrates Jesus in his totality, a self-made man who came from God, the father. Citing Bible verses and including Heath’s own personal observations, it defines Jesus Christ of Revelation. It shows him as the Locus whose name is Logos, the word who became Jesus. Containing important Christian messages, Jesus Christ: The Trinitarian entails the depth of Jesus’ spiritual roots. It journeys into the mind of God where neither time nor days exists, walking the physical and spiritual steps that Heath has followed. She presents evidence that brings to life and light the theory that Jesus is indeed God. This in-depth look contributes to Christians’ spiritual comprehension, opening the potential to better know God. It’s not about doctrine but about brotherly love in knowing that Jesus, the word can be whom he chooses.



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