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Called to a Different Purpose

The Story of Robert Fulton and His Vision for Web Industries

Kevin Belmonte

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The defining trait of the story that began with Robert Fulton is not just the creation of a good company in 1969 that has since become highly successful. What sets this story apart is his lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ and how honoring God was central to all his decisions. From the start, it called for a different kind of company culture—rooted in his faith-based principles that looked to the inherent value of each person and developing their God-given potential. That has become a hallmark of Web Industries in the fifty years of its existence. Robert Fulton shaped his company’s culture believing that relationships are the very essence of life. He implemented an employee stock ownership plan because he believed the people who worked alongside him to build the company’s value should share in that value. These employee-owners are at the heart of why this company has won a place of great influence and respect in the corporate world.

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corporate culture, Faith, entrepreneur, leadership principles, philanthropy