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Transformed from My Image to His Image

Dr. Valerie Kitchens

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Are you a Believer tired of attending church week after week? Do you feel that how you entered Sunday morning service is the same way you left, hopeless and with an empty smile? Tired of feeling like the church has become more of a fashion show rather than a soul-changing agency? You get in your car, look in the mirror and question yourself as if you have missed the mark some kind of way because you did not “feel” the spirit as everyone else. Believe me, it is not you. Your heart is craving for something not offered and you are crying out for a place to meet God. To feel His presence. To know He is with you every step of the way knowing your heart and desires. You, my sister and brother, are looking for an internal change, a transformation. You have just entered a place that God has been leading you all the time. You are experiencing the hunger and thirst our Father put in you to draw you close to His presence. You are in the right mind for what God, the Father, wants to do with you. You can walk away from everything in your world because of the hunger and frustration of current things to put your broken life in His hands as the clay to the potter and say mold me into whatever you want me to be. You, my dear friend, are ready and in need to be Transformed from My Image to His Image. You have picked up a life-changing book. Through this book, you will understand the process of transformation to live a deeply satisfying life our Father has long to give you. Look no further, your transformed life lies within the content of this book.

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