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From Our Fall

The Separation Anxiety We Experience and Unified Peace We Can Achieve

Jacob Pannell

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Have you ever wondered why everyone is so anxious? Anxiety seems to continually overflow out of our relationships. Our relationships come from a variety of places: other people, nature, our own selves, and our god. This book takes a look back at some of the earliest languages we had to describe relationships. The Bible gives us a compelling place to start by examining the Genesis 3 Fall of Man account. From this account, we can find four fundamental separations. These separations are why relationships are difficult.

Not content with just naming the problems, the second part of this book examines what we can actually do to ease these separations and find unity. I want to give people action and hope that these fundamental separations can be overcome. By giving practical examples from my own life, I want you to have the tools to reach a peaceful unity in the relationships in your life.

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Christian, anxiety, peace, unity, relationships, separation, Fall