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Addiction Narcissism Divorce

Haley Thompson

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Haley had devoted herself to a long-term twenty-seven-year marriage only to be abandoned by her spouse and the court system. She takes you into the world of narcissism, addiction (pornography), divorce, and the negative traumatic experiences it has had on her and her family. Not only does she take you on the journey of emotional abuse but she writes about it while struggling with complex post-traumatic stress disorder. In the book, you get a bird’s-eye view of how the brain functions as she sifts and works through the healing process while processing all the emotional pain that was inflicted on her.

Haley gives a poignant look at a life of abuse that goes undetected by society because the abuse is well camouflaged within the family unit. She explains the negative effects that narcissism, coupled with pornography, has on children, even adult children. Because of the research Haley has done, along with her experiences, she can relate to those who are dealing with loved ones who have personality disorders and addictions, those who are being personally managed down, and those who are experiencing the loss of identity ending in divorce. She tells of slowly regaining her life temporarily lost and finding hope to live again in a broken world. Haley is determined that this need not be the end of the story; rather, it is a beginning.

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pornography, divorce, narcissism, narcissist, C-PTSD, addiction, faith