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Family Bible Study Series

The New Testament Commentary

Eric C. Dohrmann

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Ratgeber / Familie


Everything centers on family—beginning with the eternal family of God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and then the families on earth. God created us to expand his family—to be with him and for him in his great plan of life, to share his many tremendous blessings with his family forever. The New Testament Commentary for the Family Bible Study Series is designed for individuals and families’ personal growth. Knowing the theme of the Bible—the Family of God (see Book 4 of The Family Bible Study Series)—makes the books and verses of the Bible much easier to understand, along with personal applications. This commentary will help you to do so, and it is written in an easy-to-understand language to read. This will be a great and beneficial aid to both individuals and to parents helping their children better understand the Bible and to help them receive the Bible as their standard to live by.

The Family Bible Study Series is put together to be a very helpful tool for individuals and parents to have personal Bible studies for themselves and with the family. It is also an excellent benefit for counselors, premarital and remarriage guidance, church-leadership Bible study for support to individuals and family development, and youth-group Bible studies.

Enjoy finding the discoveries and benefits of the Family Bible Study Series. A list of the books in this series is found in the back of this book.

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