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To See Him

A Poetic and Contemplative View of Life, Being Present to His Presence

Robert A. Dorsch O.F.S.

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Bob.... You have a true gift and it’s obvious that the Holy Spirit is guiding you. Your thoughts are intriguing and calling me forward... The depth of your faith and spirit just reached out and grabbed me! Mrs. Judy Wolfe mother of 2, grandmother of 4, school board member, director of religious education.

...OH MY! Thank you! If only everyone could see HIM that way!
.....I loved it all, especially how your spirit captures the essence of the moment by moment, a total immersion of your whole self in that time and place. You are a gifted young man! Frank O’Neil OFS

Beautiful! What great word pictures you have drawn for me. I can smell the blossoms and see the trout....You are a talented poet!

Powerful metaphor of concrete and asphalt for the aridity in a relationship.

Love your poem... how sacred it is to watch the children at Mass. Always brings a smile to my face. Love the visual of holding HIS hand. A child like trust indeed.

You have such a gift of observation! After reading this I wonder if it was Francis who preached to the birds or the other way around.

What a wonderful character sketch! .... I feel the sacred in the ordinary moment. Thanks for sharing your gift!
Laura Gurnee OFS

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