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Sick and Faithful

Can Someone Stay Faithful with an Eating Disorder? for the One Who Struggles and Their Supports

Kyra Arsenault

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Sick and Faithful - Does that phrase sound like a contradiction to you? Be honest - what do you REALLY think? If someone was actually faithful to God - how could they be sick, and why wouldn’t they just get better faster, more completely, more urgently? Kyra Arsenault, a Christian who has battled an eating disorder since her teenage years, was rattled with this question for years - and so were her supports. She is now here to unquestionably prove to you it is not—you can have an eating disorder and still have a relationship with God, and be faithful to God. And he loves you every ounce the same as he ever did. This book is a much-needed resource on a topic that isn’t talked about, keeping people isolated. A guide for those who are struggling and all those whose heart’s desire is to help them. If you feel stuck and recovery seems hopeless, or you feel hopeless for your loved one, give this book—and God—a chance as Kyra courageously opens a window for us into her soul.

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mental illness, self help, God, eating disorder, women, anorexia, faith