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Dare to Be Dogmatic

And Other Essays to Help You Think and Live Like a Christian

Larry L. Long

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Today's modern Christian often struggles with overwhelming issues and questions at home, at work, in the marketplace, and within the depths of his or her own soul. Often these issues come in the form of attacks against positions we take when we speak God's truth into the lives of our loved one or our places of work. Many Christians have been trained to dialog with unbelievers on the big issues of apologetics, but few have been equipped with the less weighty but no less troublesome issues of everyday life. Dare to Be Dogmatic was written in the format of short essays to equip the reader in thinking through many of these issues. Many topics are covered that will prepare the reader to give an answer and a reason for the hope that is our in Christ Jesus (1 Peter 3:15). Some essays are fun, some a bit frivolous, but all have a point rooted in a Judeo-Christian and biblical worldview.

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