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The Baylor Amish Family, and the Ghost

Love Endures Forever

Deeann Gorman

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Amish Family living in Kalona Iowa. They are very down home and plain, true to God and their Children.

While building a new Bakery in town and raising their Family. The Book shows detail about the life of The Baylor Family going thru their Children growing up and getting married , dating parties on their farm. Then adopting three children and raising them with their seventeen children .

Then a ghost appears from the Grave yard a small girl of nine years old looking for her Mother. She shows up mysteriously reaching out for help. Then the Family comes together with love and kindness. This is a book rich in family history. Then a feel good interesting read. This will be a book hard to set down, you will be part of the Heartland and Adventures of the Baylor Family. Then come join the Author DeeAnn Gorman, the author from Iowa while she weaves you into her story of The Baylor Family and The Ghost.

Thank you for reading my book it will be a series.

Love to you all. DeeAnn Gorman.

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