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Ordinary Life, Extraordinary God!

Lessons from Everyday Experiences

Helen McCormack

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“In a world that rushes at breakneck speed, these devotions slow us down to consider. Reflecting on nostalgic moments from the past and connecting points between everyday sights, sounds, and impressions with the timeless truths of God’s Word, Helen McCormack reminds us of what we may already know but need to pause and ponder.”

—Cynthia Ruchti, bestselling author of more than 30 books

“Where the rubber meets the road” is an oft-repeated saying. Similarly, in Helen McCormack’s devotional, Ordinary Life, Extraordinary God, she puts shoes on God’s Word, the Bible, by showing how the clear truth and rich wisdom of the Bible walks through her own life, whether that life be in Lithuania, Germany, or here in the U.S. A wonderful read that will challenge, yet bless the reader.

—Patricia E. Linson teacher (retired), author of the Allister of Turtle Mountain series

Just as nutrition and exercise are essential for physical growth, nutrition and exercise are essential for spiritual growth. The 52 devotionals in this book are designed to offer the reader an opportunity for spiritual nutrition through applying Biblical truth to everyday life. Sometimes we face simple daily life challenges but sometimes it is necessary to grapple with deeper issues. We’ll consider issues such as guilt, near death experience, integrity, obituaries, pickles, a distant God, temptations, future expectations, particle board, escalators, and mistletoe.



Practical living, Devotional, meditations