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What About Her?

A Study of Biblical Women

Gina R. J. Butler

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In biblical times, culture was all about patriarchs.

A person’s ancestors were identified by the fathers, marriages were arranged when girls were twelve years old, and when they became women, they were rarely seen. They only had worth if they were married and a mother.

In this study, you will learn how the stories of biblical women relate to us today. The author highlights prostitutes, a ditched daughter-in-law, widows, a few adulteresses, a set of sisters, and even an unwed pregnant teenage girl.

All of the women have one thing in common: Jesus. By reading their stories, you will learn why as believers, it is imperative to remember that God extends grace to all. Each of the women also show why it is so important to internalize our beliefs and make them our own through action.

While this study isn’t likely to answer all your questions, the stories reveal the glory of God through His redemption and kindness.

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