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Addiction Recovery: 31 Day Devotional Stories, Prayers and Promises

Fred Carlson

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A positive transformation of the heart and soul is methodically pursued in this 31-day recovery devotional. Attitudes can improve. Good habits can solidify. Choices become healthier. Scar tissues heal and relationships can mend. By faith, we can reach beyond the fallout of our mistakes, wounded identities, hardened hearts and misfortunes. We can begin to experience the peace and joy which Christ intends for us. To fail in one’s recovery is to live in defeat; it is to be miserable no matter how well-disguised. The poisoned arrows from the pit are many. Discouragement gets piled high as we look into the condemning mirror of lies pushed in front of our face each day by the accuser. Defeated under the weight of our failure and nearsightedness, we lose hope. Our Redeemer offers an amazingly reasonable answer. In-Christ, we can daily receive the power and initiative to reach above and beyond self. We’re given the courage to deliberately choose Truth.

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Christ-centered, Addiction, Recovery, Hope, Faith-based, Healing, Transformation