African Americans in Higher Education

A Critical Study of Social and Philosophical Foundations of Africana Culture

Conyers James L. Conyers (Hrsg.), Edwards Crystal L. Edwards (Hrsg.), Thompson Kevin B. Thompson (Hrsg.)

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While there is a wealth of scholarship on Africana Education, no single volume has examined the roles of such important topics as Black Male Identity, Hip Hop Culture, Adult Learners, Leadership at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Critical Black Pedagogy, among others. This book critically examines African Americans in higher education, with an emphasis on the social and philosophical foundations of Africana culture. This is a critical interdisciplinary study, one which explores the collection, interpretation, and analysis of quantitative and qualitativedata in the field of higher education. To date, there are not any single-authored or edited collections that attempt to research the logical and conceptual ideasof the disciplinary matrix of Africana social and philosophical foundations of African Americans in higher education. Therefore, this volume provides readers with a compilation of literary, historical, philosophical, and communicative essays that describe and evaluate the Black experience from an Afrocentric perspective for the first time. It is required reading in a wide range of African American Studies courses. Perfect for courses such as: African American Social and Philosophical Foundations | African American Studies | African Nationalist Thought | History of Black Education

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