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Claim the Woman You Are Meant to Be!

10 Keys to Break Through Limiting Self-Expectations

Carole Rose

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Her powerful exercises led to core realizations for every participant. But there 's more!..... she gave us the tools to reprogram our thinking so that we can truly enjoy a new relationship with wealth.~Maxi H. HOW WOULD YOUR LIFE CHANGE IF YOU COULD: Alter limiting beliefs Liberate your higher, authentic self? Discover self-love and acceptance Repair the corrupted self-image that drives you to make poor choices and sabotage the good ones? Discover self-love and start feeling worthy? Have the courage to take control of your own destiny add bullet Find your true life purpose Gain financial freedom doing what you love Learn why you are struggling with finances and get tools to change it. DISCOVER YOUR TRUE PATH AND FEEL EMPOWERED TO FOLLOW IT! Carole Rose: Welfare to Wealth Born with Erbs' Palsy, married at 14 and a welfare mother at 17, Carole defiantly accrued a collection of successes as diverse as they are challenging; Real Estate Broker, College Instructor, Award-Winning General Contractor, Life Coach, Speaker and Author. But, Carole can also point to ample experience with the other side of success losing it all, again and again. From Top Producing Realtor to couch surfing; from Acclaimed Sales Trainer to welfare; from $300k a year to bankruptcy, foreclosure and homelessness; from the WORLD WHO S WHO OF WOMEN to has-been, in an endless win-lose cycle... Until she discovered the secret formula for changing the unconscious beliefs and expectations that were sabotaging her success.

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