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Where the White Rose Blooms

A History of the Stuarts

Susan Stuart Touchstone

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


BOOK ONE is a profile of Charles Edward Louis John Casmir Sylvester Maria Stuart. The fact that the Bonnie Prince was such a controversial figure of his time makes it hard to glean an accurate picture of his character and personality and to know when we have succeeded. The best we can hope for is that the better prospective offered by the intervening years may be of some help. Since some of the more extreme pro and con feelings have passed away with the years, we can now sort some of the facts from the surfeit of emotions of those who wrote. From all accounts, it is evident that Prince Charles was conscious of his important position in life and, at an early age and with remarkable will, showed his determination to be prepared for any fate. BOOK TWO is a profile of the Stuart family whose ancestor mysteriously showed up in the New World as an infant with a royal legacy. Circumstantial evidence and the confession of a Scottish doctor are powerful indications that the infant was the son and heir of Prince Charles Stuart. The arrival in America of an infant with a royal legacy is significant within itself, but when linked with the fact that he arrived bearing the princes name, and within the early years of his marriage, it becomes more significant. The lovely book cover of Where the White Rose Blooms was created by Thomas D. Stuart.



A History of the Stuarts, The White Rose