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10 Cosmic Dimensions

A Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension

Raven Shamballa

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Humans are evolving in dimensional consciousness. As one ascends beyond the 5th dimension, spiritual gifts activate. Humans are healed on all levels of their being, creating a multi-dimensional perceptive. Raven brings forward information on the soul’s journey, life between lives, the light realms, and the effect of karma as we progress on our journey. Lightworkers have volunteered to be present on Earth during this difficult time in our history. All are invited to participate in bringing light to the world. The Spiritual Guidebook to Ascension provides tools for evaluating your spiritual evolution, and helping you to understand others in new light. Ten worksheets are provided for self-reflections and to assist you in moving through the guidebook.

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past life regression, angels, ascension, near death experience, mediumship, 5th dimension, Psychic development