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The New Consciousness

What Our World Needs Most

Jakeb Brock

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


The new consciousness is a streamlined spiritual perspective on life whose time has come at last. It is not a new religion or sect; neither is it a cult or a fad. It has no doctrines or creeds. Rather it is a bulwark of impersonal realism and truth that authoritatively, yet gently, displaces all forms of ignorance and superstition in the same manner that light dispels darkness. When light shines in, darkness does not need to be overcame or fought against. It is merely banished and forgotten. In the same way that there is no battle, there is no lingering condemnation or shame. In so many ways, human civilization has advanced beyond our highest ideals and expectations. But when it comes to the pursuit and practice of spiritual truth, we have remained remarkably stunted and stagnant. Ignorance and superstition have proven to be tenaciously resilient. Paradoxically, despite their archaic origins, they have been carried over right into this modern technological age. The dawning of the new consciousness marks the beginning of the end for these stubborn, archaic ideologies.

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awakening, reintegration, human potential, spirituality, metaphysics, enlightenment, consciousness development