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The Art of Strength

Sculpt the Body—Train the Mind

Tammy Wise

ca. 18,99
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Ratgeber / Gesundheit


Apply Tao principles and active meditation to resistance training to transform tension into strength! Your body’s design has been honed over millions of years. It has its own inherent wisdom, and it knows what it needs and how to survive. Our modern lifestyle has undermined that wisdom. The result? Exhaustion, anxiety, fatigue, tension, pain, even sickness. The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind is a Book/3D-Video Learning System that gives you a foundational understanding of how your energy is motivated—and an approach to accessing and channeling that energy to achieve your full strength. Based in Tao theory and practiced in your workouts, this is the how-to for living relaxed on the inside and strong on the outside. Aided by 15 video tutorials, readers will gain a comprehensive philosophy on how energy optimally flows through the body and how tension obscures that flow. While new fitness trends emerge from one week to the next, The Art of Strength offers a far more integrated approach: deep insight into Eastern thought coupled with a self-analysis system and physical fitness workout routine which integrate for a complete mind-body wellness experience. This innovative combination of in-depth book content and 3D animation will guide readers to the emotional root of physical tension. A 3D avatar and live video model demonstrate internal and external energy movement, while practical Tao principles are explained and related to workout challenges. The Art of Strength shares the nuts and bolts of the BodyLogos® practice to offer you an understanding of your own blocks to living the power of your intention. Stop chasing success and experience it with ease! “BodyLogos® is a whole new approach to body sculpting that uses weights to enlighten you.” Shape Magazine “Tammy Wise’s BodyLogos® movement is Mindful Fitness.” New York Magazine “For a truly Zen workout experience, BodyLogos® provides cross training to strengthen both mind and body.” Dance Spirit Magazine

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Tao, strength, mind-body, meditation, posture, workout