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The Angel Within

K. C. Copperfield

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Jackie Cooper is a young scientist who is reading Angel without Wings in her favorite lounger as the sun sets. As she glances up at the darkening sky to see which stars will be first to blink into view, the tail of a shooting star catches her eye, first streaking across the sky and then becoming larger and larger. Jackie has no time to escape before the shooting star smacks her on the forehead, leaving her unconscious and unaware that her life is about to forever change. After a dazed Jackie awakens, she decides to nurse her headache in bed. A short time later, she opens her eyes to discover the meteroite on her nightstand. As a strange chain of events unfolds, Jackie eventually meets her guardian angel, Reial, whose own quest to find a lost soul leads them on a perilous adventure where the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary and teaches Jackie to embrace the power she holds within as good battles evil to reinstate true destinies and restore a timeline. The Angel Within shares the fantasy tale of a young scientists incredible adventure after she is struck by a meteorite and meets a guardian angel on a mission.

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Vortex, Demons, Third eye, Wings, Meteor, Angel, X-ray vision