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The Spirits Behind Me

Jackie DeKemp

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Faces and voices, places and events, from the riches of my memories were floating in a soft bubble. Somewhere in my subconscious I knew I was dreaming, but somehow, I didn’t want that bubble to burst. I wanted to spend time with them. I wanted to tell them what has happened here in this world, since they left. I’m sure that’s how everyone feels about his or her loved ones who die … Judy first sees Grace when she and her daughter attend as audience members of a television show. Grace is the featured guest, a famous seer who—out of all attendees—calls on Judy and begins relaying messages from Judy’s deceased relatives. Judy is so overcome with emotion that she faints, and so begins a friendship brought together by fate. Both Judy and Grace have been bestowed the gift of clairvoyance. They see and talk to spirits, and they find strength and support. Together, they find excitement, intrigue, and mutual devotion. The people who leave this earth do not leave but forever linger and watch over us. Although these women have lost much, they find hope in this shared truth as they explore the afterlife and grant peace to those in pain.

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Psychic, connect, mediums, validate, angels, other side, spirits., heaven, communicate, believe