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Self Discovery

By Taming the Wild Horses Becoming Our Better Selves

B. Louise Bayer

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


While writing, Taming the Wild Horses”, I had no idea that I would be creating a pretend summer program, with pretend kids. One thing after another came together. Then I thought, “I can’t stop here. Where are my continuations?” I’ll have to create a program of my own making. Taking one step at at time, it seem to unfold and come together, “My Pretend Summer Program”. Then, after being published, it occurred to me that a real program was needed to support The Wild Horses concept. Solutions are needed to address this ongoing crisis of suicide and drug deaths among our young people in today’s world. The Horses hold the key for opening that door labeled, “Communication”. Then what? Just how are we prepared to communicate with our kids? Preparation is needed, and what this program is all about. In this book you’ll discover a real program, with a real guide for presentation. Always acknowledging one’s life, and on to becoming our better selves! B. Louise Bayer Aka - Louise Martens

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Communication, Fullfilment, Choices, Consequences, Understanding, Decisions, Awareness, Self care, Wisdom, Positive image, Temptations, Setting goals