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Flip This Diamond House

Majorie B. Patralski

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You’re thinking about purchasing a house in disrepair. You want to remodel it and try to earn some extra money. In Flip This Diamond House, author Majorie B. Patralski offers a useful guide to flipping houses and details some of the bumps and obstacles you may encounter. Using her personal experiences as a flipper, Patralski presents an overview of the process. She gives suggestions on what to look for in a property, poses questions to consider when buying, and provides tips and tricks to help you be successful in the endeavor, from contractors to estimates. Patralski discusses the key elements to leverage spending and realize a greater profit through real-life data and examples. With more than fifty color photos included, Flip This Diamond House looks at the ins and outs of home flipping, giving advice, helpful tips, and recommendations. Patralski demonstrates how a house can become that diamond in the rough, sparkling and shining.



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