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Grandma in the Box

Geri Magee Ph.D.

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Ratgeber / Familie


This is a book that would interest so many families on the importance of keeping various relationships through social media application. Most families in today’s modern times utilize various application of Skype, Snapchat, Google, and FaceTime in order to speak with family members locally, nationally, or internationally. Many companies now have their own satellite connections so families can speak and participates with one another anytime, anywhere. Here you will see how Grandma G sails through life with her little bundle of joys. Grandma G was blessed being able to keep in touch with her children and now grandchildren utilizing modern technology. Grandma G says, “We make the best of what we have. However, I am still a firm believer that nothing is better than being there to give a heart-to-heart hug, play, laugh, cry, and, yes, all the yelling and screaming too.” “It takes a village to raise a family,” an old adage says, so we now are coming to a time when most of our village is online, not face-to-face. Social media allows you to have the connection with mind and spirit (minus the physical touch) to participate in your children’s lives. Grandma in the Box will allow you to enjoy time reading to your children or grandchildren in person or over the tablet while interacting with other family members. The intent is to bridge intergenerational relationships and impart the importance of family connection for joy and happiness in each and all our lives.

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