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Wine, Women & Wealth

Inspirational Stories of Women Who Got Their Financial Act Together – and How You Can Too.

Denise Arand

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Imagine how great life would be if you knew the money rules ahead of time and the tools you could use to create great financial success. This book breaks the long-standing taboo that it’s “not polite” to talk about money... right up there with politics, sex and religion. Which means that money is not talked about at cocktail parties, it’s not talked about around the dinner table, it’s not talked about in the classroom - or anywhere else for that matter! …Until now. Years ago, working as a financial professional I realized that many women had little-to-no education about personal finance. That, coupled with the fact that almost all women will have total control over their money at some point in their lives, yet most feel completely unprepared for that, set me on a mission to educate and empower women regarding their finances. This book creates a place of inspiration and reference for all women who want more success in their relationship with money.

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