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Initiation of the Soul

Myths and Fairy Tales as a Path of Awakening to Freedom and Wholeness

Pamela S. Alexander PhD

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


We are in the midst of an epic evolution in consciousness that involves a radical shift in orientation from the ego to the heart and soul. This transformative process requires a breaking down of the old form, which we are witnessing personally and collectively, to create the space for something new to emerge.

As we live from the soul and express our deepest truths, we actively participate in this change. Life experiences may seem as though they're random, but in fact they have an intention, deeper meaning, and purpose, which is to facilitate this transformation within us. Everything is occurring to free us from our old beliefs, outdated ways of living, and any limiting ideas we have about life and ourselves.

In INITIATION OF THE SOUL, Dr. Pamela Alexander explores the soul's journey through myth and classic fairy tales. In the initiatory mythic story of "Psyche and Amor," the goddess of love orchestrates events in order to awaken the soul from its slumber. The heroine faces challenging tasks that draw the deeper truth of the soul's inherent wholeness, freedom, and power out of the unconscious and into an embodied awareness. Dr. Alexander proceeds from there to explore fairy tales that speak to the issues that arise during the soul's emergence. These stories symbolically instruct us as to how to resolve our fears and open to love. As inner restrictions are resolved, we can embody expanded versions of ourselves and become more stable in a chaotic and uncertain world. The stories guide us to free the soul from an egoic identification, which is buffeted by the winds of change and the opinions of others, to the unshakeable ground of being within. Then, we are empowered to live in freedom and wholeness as we participate in the creation of a new world.

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