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Spiritual Paths; a Pursuit for Peace

Catherine Morris, Vishnu Priya

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


Within this book are practices that give the reader insight and abilities to raise their evolutionary right to hear the Voice of God. Different modalities that have worked for masters all through antiquity including; Jesus Christ, Buddha, Chief Seattle, etc. Finding peace within the self and being the message, this seems to be the obligation of all the Earth’s people. Being with the BLESSED ONE, THE LIGHT, THE LOVE. We must take our spirituality seriously. Why have you come here? Where will you go after dropping your robe or what we call “death”. The Divinity is awaiting and you do not have to die to know and be within the BELOVED GOD, THAT, THAT IS, THE ONE WITH THE THOUSAND NAMES.

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Spiritual Paths, A Pursuit For Peace