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The Plight of the Immigrant Woman

A Journey to Understanding Relationships and Acts of Resilience

Simran Walia

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


After marrying at age twenty-two, Simran Walia moved across the Indian Ocean where she was suddenly thrust into a new life far from family and friends. Without a support group, emails, or access to social media, Walia felt alone and afraid as she attempted to adapt to the norms and lifestyle of her new family and cultural environment. Walia intertwines her personal stories as an immigrant woman, mother, and therapist with the stories of those she has had the privilege to work beside. She has made it her mission to guide other immigrant women on a journey to finding their authentic selves and the resilience to experience harmonious lives and relationships, despite their struggles. While addressing the obstacles immigrant women often face, Walia discusses the impact of blending cultures on relationships; how values and feelings can impact our behaviors; the importance of a social network; the ideas that surround ego and the ego trap; and the ways gratitude, prayer, and meditation can help immigrant women to overcome personal struggles. Included are in-depth exercises and Walia’s reflections. The Plight of the Immigrant Woman brings to light the importance of finding our authentic selves, understanding the roots of our values and beliefs, and living a harmonious life with our loved ones.

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Immigrant Women, Resilience, Values and Beliefs