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Embrace & Empower Your Calling

Kerri-Ann John

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


This book came about by having, what I consider a normal conversation with my present pastor and wife. From that conversation, it was confirmed that my calling is to pray (maybe the main part); at this point I turned and looked at my husband. After the above conversation I remember (at the time) feeling dissatisfied with not having what the world views as success and was talking to the Lord about it. Following from this there was an event called “the flowing oil”. At the end of the event the guest speaker had anointing oil with him and were anointing, just a hand full of people. On at least one of the times he kept looking at me (as if he was to) but did not. I got home and asked myself the question “I am prepared to see my Lord?” This got me into gear. There was another book that I had started to work on when this book was birthed in my heart. It is an inspirational book about coming to the realization of what part of my calling is; notice the word part of my calling! Well over a period of time, I embraced it and while embracing my call; I started to feel empowered. This book is not just about my calling but about yours’ too! The intent also is to stir up your calling. You may feel as if you do not fit in and the world may not seem to offer you anything but God surely can. In the book of Matthew Jesus quotes in my father’s house (mansion) there are many rooms. What I am saying is there are enough rooms for you and he can use you here on earth whether it is in a secular way or in the church. Throughout this book, there is encouragement for grown ups, whether they are Christian or not, young or old, married or unmarried, having children or not and finally having a career or not. My book starts to unfold at the book of Genesis, as you keep reading, it also talks on mercy and ends with God’s love. In addition I touched on varied other topics such as sharing testimonies as stories and tips that I had found useful having a family. My co-writer Melissa, is a professional and has shared her own faith from childhood to when her business started a few years ago now.

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