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How Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Taught Me That Life Is Worth Living

Karen McDonnell Hilligoss

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In How Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Taught Me That Life is Worth Living, Karen M. Hilligoss shares her innermost experiences after learning that her two children were diagnosed with serious developmental disabilities a mere three days apart. The shock of receiving these diagnoses took Karen’s soul to a dark place filled with skepticism and agnosticism. However, unexpectedly, her life intersected with that of the world-renowned spiritual and inspirational writer, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer singlehandedly transformed Karen’s inner beliefs and brought her to a place of peace and acceptance. In this book, Karen chronicles a number of miracles that occurred through the intercession of Dr. Dyer. Karen also shares Dr. Dyer’s powerful message that “love is eternal” and how Dr. Dyer instilled in Karen a profound faith that a higher power truly exists. Moreover, How Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Taught Me That Life is Worth Living provides Karen’s intimate journey into overcoming disbelief with faith. This book is a celebration of Dr. Dyer’s current impact on a soul despite his entry into non-physical form. Most importantly, this book proves without a doubt that Dr. Dyer is continuing his life work of teaching true God consciousness and union with the divine.



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