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Tuning in to Your Inner Guidance and Fulfilling Your Dreams

Sharon Tawfilis M.A.

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Sharon’s research has taken the guess work out of finding what works in the field of personal growth. Focus: Tuning into your inner guidance and fulfilling your dreams is a one of a kind book that offers beginning seekers or those who haven’t yet found what works for them, easy application of advanced technologies. It is a unique approach by combining a variety of resources available to all, exercises to both finding and removing unconscious blocks as well as suggestions to access and call upon one’s inner guidance. Solutions and references are included that have provided support and healing to thousands. My book is the compilation of years of study, sessions with therapists and healers, lectures, seminars, workshops, discussion groups as well as over 20 years of experience helping clients. Personal growth doesn’t have to take a long time or be painful when you awaken to the truth of yourself and your purpose. “I wish I would have known this about myself a long time ago”, “I wish I had met you before”, “I have learned more about myself in two weeks since working with Sharon. This is just what I was looking for”, are just some of the comments clients have made.

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