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Did You Ever Get to Edinburgh?

Richard Haviland

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Ratgeber / Familie


Royalties from the sale of this book are being donated to Autism Speaks And Special Olympics When we’ve gone without something, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend what impact the void has had. While we can imagine how things might have been different, there’s no true point of reference that enables us to say whether it’s left us better or worse off, richer or poorer as a person. So it was with the absence of author Richard Haviland’s father. Having never really known him, combined with the presence of a caring stepfather, he rarely thought of himself as not having had a father in his life. He didn’t spend his childhood or adolescence feeling deprived or cheated. But a series of conversations at work and home prodded Haviland and forced him to consider what could be, not just for him but for his wife, a new baby daughter, and the other children they planned to have. In Did You Ever Get to Edinburgh?, Haviland shares the story of the search for his birth father. It chronicles a journey of love and loss, pain and joy and, ultimately, reconciliation with the man he needed most to meet, a completion of the circle of life for the father and son.

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Di You Ever Get to Edinburgh?, stories of father/son reconciliation, Richard Haviland