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How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority

A Marathoner’s Journey to a Feel-Good State

Holly Rouillard Johnson

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Holly Rouillard Johnson’s path to make feeling good a priority manifested in her childhood and high school years. She discovered running, which led her on a twenty-seven-time marathon journey starting at age thirty-four. She credits her accomplishments in racing and life to her feel-good mentality, including a proven formula on sustaining a feel-good state for as long as possible both along marathon courses and life’s paths. Throughout the years, her commitment to feeling good led her to coaching and helping others adapt more positive mindsets and helping her heal and overcome injuries and balance the demands of professional and running careers along with family and other interests. It also fueled her courage to deal with adversity as an athlete and in life. This feel-good commitment enables her to embrace every setback as an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve, principles and practices she shares in How to Make Feeling Good Your Priority. Shifting the law of attraction in a positive direction, Johnson gives practical advice, guiding you in making the right choices and shifting how you approach your day by thinking and focusing on what will make you feel good and happy. Johnson insists you can choose how you want to feel around your kids, your spouse, at work, at the gym, on a run, or simply how you approach each day. When you feel good, the world seems like a better place.

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