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An Island Woman’s Heart

A Poetry Book About Love, Life, Spirituality and Everything Else

Elizabeth A. Garcia-Janis MD

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


An Island’s Woman’s Heart is a book of poetry about love, life, spirituality and everything else. This heartfelt book includes poetry that Dr. Elizabeth A. Garcia-Janis has written across the years. She added some of her musings as well as lyrics of songs she has written to create a musical entitled Heal. This poetry book gives us an insight to what a woman born in the islands of the Philippines’s soulful perspectives are. Since she has lived in various parts of the world, this poetry book portrays how what she learned from her culture and upbringing has shaped her way of thinking and being and which added depth and wisdom in her purpose-laden life. An Island Woman’s Heart will take you to her nostalgia of the islands, her thoughts about love and life, her deep feelings about her loved ones and the encompassing nature of her profound spirituality.

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Elizabeth A. Garcia-Janis MD
Elizabeth A. Garcia-Janis MD



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