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Being Heard: Healing Voices of Trauma

A Collection of Writings

Vera Stasny

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


This collection of deeply introspective poems reflects Vera’s inner voice in response to her unrecognized and unfelt personal traumas and shocks. She writes about loss, pain, joy, love, fear, memories, and death. The poems, written over a four-year period, emerged from moments of silence. They give voice to that which otherwise might remain lost or hidden. They reflect her previously unexpressed emotions underlying life’s traumatic experiences. The voices within compelled her to bring them forth on her healing journey “A debut collection details the the way poetry can transform pain into hope and healing. The author is particularly good at demonstrating the way in which psychic pain lodges in the body how mental strife has physical effect . She makes readers feel the shortness of her breath and the churning in her gut. But even in such struggle, there is hope, and her verse also testifies to the possibility of recovery… Her moving book is an invitation a well - one those suffering from trauma would do well to accept…Touching poems that show reader both the storm and the calm that can follow.” — Kirkus Review of Books “A soulful, well-written and sincere narrative uniting us all in our common vulnerability. The collection can be easily read in any order, each entry connected and yet able to stand alone. The writing speaks openly from one heart to another, leaving you in a better place at the end of the journey.” — Kathryn Castelli

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