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Alchemist of Life Science Notebook Moon Agenda

Michi Pezet

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Sachbuch / Sonstiges


This notebook doesn't pretend to change your life, but rather encourages you to learn, how to dance with the cycles of the moon, in such a way, that you can do that on your own!. Sure there are many ways to go about your dreams and goals, without the help of a guide that is ruled by the energy of the moon! But I'm here to tell let you know, that you don't have to struggle all on your own!, like my favorite Metaphysics teacher said: You are not just a cork in the middle of a tempest! (Conny Mendez) Sometimes you need a little magic and divine order, patience and understanding! It's time you start writing your own story! You deserve the life of your dreams manifested on your own! Are you living somebody else's vision? Are you tired of feeling and being jerked around and lost? Conforming with leftover crumbs and hand me downs? When you find your lane and stay in it, amazing things can happen! Learn to co-create with the moon cycles, stop trying to control what you can't and dismissing what you actually do have control over! "Alchemist of Life Science Notebook" -The Intention/Manifestation Moon Guide you were waiting for! Written by: Michelle (Michi) Pezet (FaeWork) If you work with the moon cycles, this is a perfect tool, to help you keep track of your intention/manifestation alchemist process!!! Inspired by the scientific method, yet Magical AF!

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