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Morning Words

Insights That Nurture Peace and Possibility

Shiana Seitz

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Some eternal truth speaks through all of us. Within the quiet space of writing in my morning journal, I connect to this source of guidance as a conduit, who channels the words through a writer's mind. My mind weaves them into accurate insights for me and re-assembles them into verse and prose within a resonance that others can receive. I intend that these morning words help nurture a sense of peace, possibility, and hope... Time is of the essence. The global pause that began over a year ago is still present—though it has morphed into an expanded variation of concern. We cannot return to life as we knew it, but rather, we must find new ways to develop and grow and new ways to become who and how we are meant to be. This is a time for love and resilience, and it begins with each of us. Rather than being a book of instructions, it is a book of insights that vary according to the day's emotion. No living thing experiences life without challenge. This book offers insights that might be of assistance for staying centered during chaotic times. They are reminders of what we already know.

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Mindfulness, Emotional well-being, Self-Help, Inspiration, Creativity, Poetry