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How to Manifest Your Biggest Goals and Enjoy a Balanced Life

Geoff Attewell

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What is REALISATIONS? Realisations is a series of simple to use special tools that enable you to set goals at an advanced level while considering your ideal life balance. You will identify and set your most desired, relevant and rewarding goals in a way that automatically engages the law of attraction (whether you believe in the law of attraction or not). Realisations has been developed, tried and tested over many years and has been described as simple, powerful and complete. It is very practical, it simplifies complex topics and makes even massive goals achievable. In Realisations, you will: Create your ultimate compilation of whole life goals. Keep it for life. Have an appreciation of life balance and gravitate towards it. Learn how to create your own advanced vision board that you can write to, print, or place on your computer/smartphone. Learn how top achievers set and achieve massive goals. Know what your most important goals are. Automatically engage the law of attraction. Learn what stifles and turbo boosts the things you manifest. Create much more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want. Think bigger and learn how to set and complete your dream goals.

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